Let It Mend

by Jamie Paul

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    Mastered at Studio B in Charlotte, North Carolina for the highest quality audio.

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Let It Mend produced by Erich Hubner
recorded during the summer of 2012 in Asheville, NC
mixed by Brendan McGeehan at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC
mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B in Charlotte, NC

pedal steel guitar played by Matt Smith and recorded by Steven Walker

artwork by Josie Mosser / lettering by Cera McGinn

all songs by Jamie Paul


released February 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Jamie Paul Asheville, North Carolina

Jamie Paul is a songwriter who lives in the mountains near Asheville, NC. His music sounds less like the night before and more like the morning after, like the space between Townes Van Zandt and Brian Eno.

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Track Name: Burning Bright
falling back from the edge after driving in
me I'm a fool but I see through your best
and your boss told you to watch your step
but you won't stand with your feet on the ground
you're sailing on

we're all pretty when we only dance for free
so come and dance through the alleys unlock my door
honor more than just your name
honor it all here under falling rain

we're all pretty in our own damn way
you'll never leave with a blessing if you acting up
honor more than just your name
I've seen it end and babe it ends just the same

so cool your fire lady
cool your fire low

we all tremble in our own damn way
I'm gonna leave with a blessing before you screw me up
no fool can harm your style
burning bright burning all night long

Track Name: Failing House
it's a failing house and I don't belong here

right about now I'm drifting down the river wide
and you see the kind of hurry I'm in
I got my own remission I gotta carry on
and see how much of all this I can kick

and lately all my knowledge is forming out in dreams
good from certain angles but not so much directly ahead

it's a failing house and I don't belong here

we're all just a little bit dirty
no matter how we try to live it like an angel
the summer come and wreck us again

and more and more it's fury rising out my heart
you live it like you own it
but you own it cause you stole it that's it

it's a failing house and I don't belong here

Track Name: Traveler
did you come all the way down for the welcome
I'm feeling less every day
but I still got it in the neck somehow

and you come on your feet alone
for the record
you tell me stories of how you're on top of it
but I still couldn't give a damn somehow

so be on your way home

and you're plenty able to remind me I'm hiding
but I'm too soldered with age to be willing

there ain't no sort of angel here
below us red holes light up

you came all the way down
for the welcome

Track Name: Hill Country Tonic
you sure scream real loud
across the fire with your long hair down
how every inch of your whole life you take for granted

and all the leaves light up
and all the errors they surround you
all the errors how they end you
they know where you live

now I'm back on the road
with forty dollars and a flimsy hold
on all the thought in my head
it drifts apart from my body

well I never thought I'd know
such trouble as a nice man
such a weight from a lightening that once held me up

oh my we used to shine like gold
we were entire and we were on our own
but it spilled out and I lick it up
and it'll keep me loaded for the afternoon

Track Name: Hazy Eyes
let it be like home
where all those open knowing soldiers tell me stories
of honor and all it takes to find it

but when that rain came don't you remember something
something awful something real
something small that proves we were there

used to be loneliness
holed up in your hazy eyes
bought my mourning, bought my ride

so let it beat me down
until I won't ever want to argue again

yeah I'll wait and I'll listen on

used to be loneliness
holed up in your hazy eyes
let my mourning buy my ride

and brother it's only that I can't see your face no more
and I'm way too crashed out and crazy
and I can't feed your faith no more

Track Name: Fire on the Water
out there in the yard
is your lost and tired only son
he waits for the beauty in the band to let him in

and that dress it's fire on the water babe
but I'll let it fuel all my chances

and I'll bet every pound your little hands can hold

and like light we dance upon the waves of time
but this old house it's dark again
and I know I swore that one of these lives I'd be different
always here

but I'm lost as your legs at night
there's a fire on you
leaves me trembling

Track Name: Mountainside
you're the kind who lift up with song
and with such release
you blow your chances on the wind
you must believe adventure is to just say yes
that an open door will lead you home again

all I've been searching for lately
is the brighter side of the mountain that will make soft my days

see I believe adventure is to take it slow
if there's warmth at all
sure as hell would love to find it whole

and all I been searching for lately
is the brighter side of the mountain that will make soft my days

where I can learn to bow like those ordinary men

I say it slow
mountain take me home again

Track Name: Let It Mend
I'm just on the road
I bless the thought of you smiling
I fall in love

after all
a simple lean in
you bear the weight of my folly as I move

pouring out as I trade harbors for hills

and you said mama ghost you said
may you open up

Track Name: My Family Home
if you were to find this house in shambles
honey would you leave
and take the one last straight road out past everything

you'll lose your hiding place
and your fast car won't help nothing

and when all the poison currency calls me away from home
after dreaming about my one way out for all my life

would you buy all my days
the moment my grip gets a lot lighter

let this one bird fly often high enough
to bring my family home

because sometimes I feel a little unable, darlin
to remember you